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Consider these perfectly portable egg muffins to be the equivalent of handheld omelettes. They’re high in protein and low in carbs, making them the ultimate breakfast-on-the-go. Best of all? You can customize the fillings and toppings to suit your tastes.


Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe

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If you're struggling with a non-existent or overburdened coat closet, check out these five alternatives to give you a little extra space in your entry way.


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Whether you are looking for a quick lunch or something healthy to eat, these turkey wraps are delicious! I love how easy these Apple Cheddar Turkey Wraps are to put together, and I think you’ll also love that they’re each only 277 calories.  Visit the link below to get the recipe for these wonderful wraps.


Apple Cheddar Turkey Wraps

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If you are anything like me, you could use more organization in your life.  Here are 7 ideas to solve any messy or overflowed drawers, cabinets or closets you may have.  Visit to the link below to view the 7 organization tips.

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At the end of a long day, it’s hard to convince yourself to cook, especially when it means having to do a BILLION dishes when it’s all done. So I decided to share this link with you that has some delicious recipes under 500 calories that have a great balance of protein, carbs, healthy fat, plenty of nutritious veggies, and can be cooked in one pot, pan, or skillet. Because minimal cleanup is the best cleanup.

Get cooking!


One-Pot Turkey Taco Skillet

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Do you have a small kitchen that is driving you crazy with the lack of space? Check out this link that will show you 5 ways to get more space in your small kitchen.

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Written by Jaymi Naciri on Sunday, 15 January 2017 9:07 am

Every year at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), we marvel at all the new tech, gaze at the new cars, and generally dream about an unlimited bank account to deck our houses out with all the newest gadgets. But, the reality is that some of the things we see never come to market, some look thrilling but way over promise on a functionality scale, and some are just plain head-scratching.

So, this year we took a look at CES from the viewpoint of what's most wanted and perhaps even most practical, for today's consumers. Here's the stuff we saw at CES this year that can add a little something (or a whole lot) to your house.


 When it comes to appliances showcased at CES,…
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Are you looking to include more clean and healthy recipes? Nothing helps to reset and recharge your digestive system like a delicious super-food power smoothie.  Visit the link below to see 5 recipes you are sure to love.

5 of the BEST tasting and Easy to make Smoothie Recipes that will help you with your healthier eating goal this year! Paleo, Whole 30 compliant with no bananas, dairy and refined sugar free!

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Handmade candles let you use random orphan glasses & bowls, or are a great excuse to visit the thrift shop and find some unique or unexpected pieces. The best part about it is that you can make candles that are completely custom for you — which means your favorite scents in containers that match your style or space. If you get a little candle-making crazy, then consider your holiday and hostess gifts taken care of.  Visit the link below to see the nine great DIY candle and container combos to help keep you busy (and cozy) this season.

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When it comes to selling your home today, it's got to be perfect, or buyers will simply move on to the next option. Doing some renovations, whether that means overhauling areas that are long overdue for a facelift or making some simple changes that freshen up the place, is typical. But if you're thinking they can wait until you're ready to list your home, these 6 reasons may make you rethink that plan.

1. You get to enjoy the new stuff

"A worthy update can either serve to reduce your cost of living while you remain in the home or add significant value to the home's sale price when you decide to put it on the market," said Scott McGillivray, a real estate investor and host of the HGTV show Income Property to US News.

But if you're going to spend

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