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Here are some more DIY Valentine's Day cards you and your kids can make this year,  Most of the cards can be made with just simple items you can pick up in the dollar store. These would also make great classroom activities and projects. Visit the link below to see the 20 different cards you can make.


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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be torture, boring, or bland. Nor does it have to be time-consuming or involve running to a specialty grocery store in search of the latest green magic powder that costs a bazillion dollars per serving.  Try these 20 healthy dinner meals.  They’re easy, no specialty ingredients involved, most are ready in 30 minutes or less, and they’re healthy.  Visit the link below to see all 20 recipes.

20 Healthy Easy Dinner Recipes - Looking for healthy, easy recipes that taste GREAT and everyone in the family will love? Plenty of options here that you'll want to put into your regular rotation!!

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Have you ever noticed those beautiful patterned straw-like designer doormats don't last long against the high sunlight exposure.  What I have found that works are the small plain doormats, but who wants a plain doormat?  So I found this website that gave this $10 mat from Walmart a friendly little makeover and it looks great next to my front door.  Visit the link below if you are interested in creating your own welcome mat that is long lasting and budget friendly.

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Does it seem like your kid's room is shrinking with all the toys they have?  Did the floor disappear in your teenager's room?  If you are needing some help coming up with ideas on how to better organize your kid's room visit the link below to get ideas on different storage solutions for every age.

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If your kids have a Valentine’s day party, or they just want to hand out some valentines to friends at school, these religious valentine cards might save you a little money at the store, while also giving them a nice Biblical message to hand out.  Just visit the link below to download the free printable and print them on card stock.

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Enjoy an enchanted evening with your special little lady. The Daddy Daughter Dance, benefiting the Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley, returns February 3rd & 4th at the Hilton Hotel Ballroom. It will be a night your little one will remember forever with dinner, dancing, special activities and a visit from her favorite princesses! Tickets on sale at

  • Venue:Hilton College Station & Conference Center
  • 801 University Drive East, College Station, TX 77840
  • Times:From: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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With Valentine's day right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about the types of valentine's day cards your kid is going to hand out at school.  If you are looking to get creative with your cards look no further.  Check out the link below to see how you can use a free printable "you make my heart race" and a hot wheels car to make the perfect valentine's day card.